A Simple Gift

The Christmas Season is filled with traditions. The tradition of exchanging gifts began as a way to celebrate ad remember the gifts the wise men brought to the Christ Child, and, more importantly, to celebrate the greatest gift of all: God’s gift to us of His Son, Jesus. In the keeping of this tradition these songs are my gift to you. It is a collection of Christmas Carols, some familiar, some perhaps new to you, that I recorded with my good friend David Stewart Wiley. David is one of the greatest musicians I have ever known. It was a delight to work with him on this and I will be forever grateful for his assistance. It is my hope that you will think of this as if you had some friends stop by to play and sing for you at Christmas. 

We recorded these in 2014 and made them into a CD that I sent out as a Christmas card to folks in the 17th District. I have been very humbled at the number of folks who have asked for another copy. Unfortunately, we  are out of stock, but I decided this year to make the files available on line. If you chose to listen or download them, I hope you enjoy them.

A few notes about the songs. The first two (I Wonder As I Wander and What Songs Were Sung) are traditional Appalachian carols. Virgin Slumber Song and Gesu Bambino are a bit more formal. The next three can be found in most church hymnals. Finally, the last song, There’s A Song In The Air, is a song that can be found in the Cokesbury Hymnal. I grew up using this hymnal at Dry Pond Methodist Church, a little country church in the hills of northeast Georgia. It was my mother’s favorite Christmas song. Finally, let me say that it is my great honor and privilege to represent you in the Virginia House of Delegates.

Betsy and I want to wish all of you God’s blessings of Peace and Joy, and also much happiness in the New Year.

Merry Christmas!

Chris Head